Connecting Your HP Printer with the Help of WPS Pin

Have you ever come across the phrase “Enter WPS Pin for HP Printer” or have no idea about it, you must know that it is one of the effective methods to connect your printer to the network.  All you need is a wireless printer and Windows 10 to connect the printer to the network with the help of some steps. The WPS Pin is an effective tool that is used by a plethora of devices to communicate with each other. Traditionally, people used a USB cable to do the same but the WPS PIN method is safer and faster. If you’re wondering how you can find the WPS PIN for your HP printer, you can read this article further.

What is the WPS Pin?

The WPS Pin is an 8-digit code that is generated by your HP printer to connect with the wireless router, It is safer than other methods as the PIN is only shown to you so your neighbors or roommates cannot share the network with you. This method has been adopted by a bunch of wireless printer users and a majority of people even find it better than the wired method.

  1. Connecting Your Printer With The WPS Pin
  2. If you need to find the WPS Pin for your HP Deskjet 2600 printer or any other printer, follow these steps.
  3. First of all, turn on your printer, if it is already on, you have to restart it.
  4. Go to the printer’s screen and open the Control panel.
  5. When you’ll open the control panel. you’ll see the Wireless button there.
  6. Click on it and wait until you see the wireless blue light blinking.
  7. Take a look at the screen again and open the “WiFi Protected Setup”.
  8. From the list of options, select “WPS PIN” and don’t that will generate a WPS Pin on your HP Printer.
  9. Note down the PIN as you’ll get hardly 10 seconds to remember that PIN and then it will disappear.
  10. So, when you try to connect your printer just enter this PIN when prompted and you’ll see that your printer has been connected to the wireless router.
  11. Try giving some print commands and if you find any issue, go through the process again.

So, that is all you need to know about the WPS Pin and how you can connect your wireless printer through it.

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