Printers today do a lot more than print. You can scan, copy, and on a few, you can even fax documents. Printers play a relevant role in helping businesses reach across to their customers and set up their brands as per the consumer needs. The current set of printers is productive and more powerful than before, helping the commoner and large business houses with their day-to-day work.

Printed documents offer credibility as paperwork always carries more weight than digital documents and is difficult to ignore. Print media has an incredible hold over the marketing world since enterprises depend on paper ads and leaflets for advertising their products and services. Businesses and even schools also opt for printed handouts in case of notices and exams. So, if the printer stops working and shows an offline status, you are bound to ask, ‘why is my printer saying offline’.

Why is my HP printer offline, and how to fix the issue?

When you have an important document to print, and your printer suddenly is not printing even though it is connected, you need to pause all jobs till the issue has been resolved. The printer must be ready to print when you want to use it.

  • Turn the power button as the printer has to be on and not on sleep mode.
  • The paper has to be loaded into the input tray and adjusted as per the sides of the stack.
  • Install the toner or ink cartridges and check if they have sufficient ink for printing.
  • Check for any error messages or blinking lights on the printer’s control panel to avoid problems before printing.
  • To clear the previous error states, restart the printer after waiting for 30 seconds once you set it off.
  • Check the internet connection.

How to resolve the issue on Windows with HP Smart App?

HP smart helps set up the printer connection and install drivers required for printing and scanning.

Download the HP Smart App from the HP Microsoft store. Run the Diagnose and Fix on the HP Smart App for windows computers.

  • Select the Diagnose and Fix option present on the left side corner of the windows.
  • Choose to start the diagnosis and follow the given instructions.
  • If the issue is not resolved, contact HP customer support to check ‘why does printer say offline HP.’

 HP Print and Scan Doctor for windows

  • HP Print and Scan Doctor can help fix the printing and scanning issues on the windows in the printer once the paper is loaded in the main tray.
  • HP Print and Scan Doctor has to be downloaded to install the tool.
  • Open the option HP Print and Scan Doctor, and select start to choose the printer to run the diagnostic.
  • If the printer is not found in the list, select the option ‘My product is not listed’ and follow the further steps as per the given instructions.

To set the printer as a default printer on windows

  • Check for the Printers and Scanners option.
  • Uncheck the option of Let Windows Manage My Default Printer.
  • Once the printer name has been selected, select the Manage option.
  • Select the printer that is online or idle if there are many printer names similar to yours.
  • Click on Set as Default on the Manage Your Device screen so that it stops the problem of why does my HP printer say offline.

To check the windows function discovery services

  • Select the option View Devices and Printers on the control panel.
  • Select the Ports tab under the Printer Properties tool that appears when you right-click your printer.
  • Check the WSD port on the list.
  • In the absence of the WSD port, stop the steps. Add a Standard TCP/IP printer port on Windows by creating a manual IP connection through the Print Network configuration page option.
  • If the WSD port is present, select the checkbox and proceed.
  • Select the Open Services on Windows.
  • Check if the status is running and if the start-up type is Automatic on the Function Discovery Provider Host and Function Discovery Resource Publication.
  • If either the Function Discovery Provider Host or Resource Publication is not working, click that item, and on the properties, change the start-up type to automatic. Choose start on the apply option and click OK.
  • Service windows have to be closed and a Manual IP has to be created.

Print a wireless network test result or a network configuration report

  • On inkjet printers with the control panel menu, choose the set-up menu wireless network settings for the list of reports.
  • For inkjet printers without a control panel, you have to press the buttons Wireless and Information at the same time.
  • Hold the wireless button on the LaserJet printer.

Check for the wireless status. If the wireless status is under 802.11 Wireless, the status is connected; if not, then the printer is not connected to the network. Connect the printer to your network.

  • Check for the printer’s IP address, default gateway numbers, and the subnet mask. You need only the IPv4 numbers if it shows IPv4 and IPv6.
  • Your printer may show more than one URL under the general information for Embedded Web Server.
  • On the networking tab, open the wireless menu and select IPv4 configuration.
  • Give the printer information once you choose the Manual IP.
  • When you select Autofill, check if all details match the information on the printer network configuration.
  • The network configuration page provides the information if the manual IP address is not there.
  • Select Apply for the changes to be confirmed so that you have the answer to the query why does my printer say offline.

On wireless printers, you can create a TCP/IP printer port

  • Get the report of the configuration of your network.
  • Locate the IP address on the network configuration details.
  • Choose the Printers and Scanners.
  • Choose Manage once the printer is selected.
  • Check the printer properties and add the port.
  • Select a new port on the standard TCP/IP Port option.
  • Put in the details of the printer’s IP address, and lastly, choose the new TCP/IP port.


People often ask why does my printer keep going offline. The biggest reason might be that the printers are unable to connect with another device like a laptop or PC. The printer can be seen in an offline mode due to an error between the two connecting devices. It can be due to a paper jam in the input tray, a disconnected cable, or a problem with the printer software or driver.