With new technologies and cloud-based storage gaining prominence, paperless homes and offices are now coming into the picture. However, no home and office can be totally paperless, as a printer is the most convenient and simpler to use than a software and storage solution.

With new technologies, HP has made its printers smarter and easier to install and use. HP offline printers can print from any device, anytime, and anywhere. Despite several digital developments, printed documents will always remain vital in offices and homes as government forms or contracts are unavoidable prices of paper.

What does it mean when the printer is offline?

An offline printer is a printer that cannot connect with any device that is sending the print instructions. An offline printer cannot receive and process any new printing instructions; hence it is better to pause all print jobs till the issue gets resolved. A few reasons for a printer to go offline might be connection issues, old drivers, or settings errors.

What to do when your printer is offline – A few quick solutions

Here are some effective steps you can follow:

  • Restart the device and printer it is connected to.
  • Check for the WLAN and USB connections.
  • Check the ink in cartridges.
  • Check for paper jams and clean the paper drums.
  • Check if your printer has the updated version of the printer driver.

What to do when the HP printer is offline?

If your HP printer is offline, then you need to check a few things. Given below are some instructions you can follow to solve the problem.

Check if the ‘Use printer offline’ mode has been selected

  • If your HP printer keeps saying offline, check if the ‘Use printer in offline mode’ has been activated.
  • Select the settings on the start menu
  • Select ‘printers and scanners’.
  • Choose the HP printer you are using from the list.
  • Unselect the option of ‘Use Printer Offline’ for your HP printer to come to online mode.
  • Set your printer as a default printer to resolve the Use printer offline error and get your HP printer offline to online.
  • Open the control panel through the run button on windows.
  • Check the device and printer option to see if your HP printer has been selected as the default printer.
  • If another printer has been set, uncheck that and click on the printer you want to set as default.

 Check the version of the printer

  • If your printer drivers have been corrupted or are an outdated version, reinstall the drivers.
  • Check for the device manager and go to the section Printers.
  • Check for the printer’s model number and click on update driver.
  • Choose the search automatically option and let the printer driver get installed. Restart the computer.
  • If you feel the need to install the printer drivers again, they need to be removed through the remove program option on the control panel. Download and install the driver again.

Check the Printer Pool settings

  • When the print spooler stops, the status of HP 2630 is offline.
  • Type services.msc on the run dialog box.
  • Check for the print spooler option.
  • Right-click on the spool option and choose stop.
  • Type c:\windows\system32\spool\printer on the address bar and select ok.
  • Choose the print spooler option again and right-click to resume the spool services.
  • Restart the computer.

 Check for the wireless connection

  • If there is a query on what to do when your printer is offline, check if the printer and the connecting device are on the same network.
  • Turn the HP printer power on.
  • Choose the setup option.
  • Check the access point of the wireless router on the wireless setup wizard.
  • Choose the wireless network id and later enter the WEP and WPA network password.
  • Once you press ok, the printer gets connected to WIFI.

For HP wireless printer to get connected to WIFI

  • Turn on the HP offline printer.
  • Connect the HP printer to the WIFI by typing 123.HP.com on the browser and download the driver after choosing the model.
  • Once downloaded, follow the instructions to install.
  • On the control panel, select the printer and driver option.
  • Add the printer by selecting the model HP 2630 offline.
  • Once setup is complete, the printer will connect to your device.

Steps to connect HP printer offline to Mac device

  • You must use all three devices: your HP printer, Mac, and the WIFI router.
  • Connect the Mac with the printer and router and check if the Mac and printer are on the same network.
  • Select the printer download on the website 123.HP.com/dj
  • With the help of instructions on the HP Easy Smart App, install the driver setup software on the Mac.
  • From the Apple Menu, choose the option of system and preference.
  • Choose Printers and Scanners to add the printers.


Most printer owners would experience the problem of their printer being offline and want to resolve it using the methods mentioned above. To avoid the issue of HP printers showing offline status, you have to understand what does the printer offline mean. The user has to choose the printer drivers and install them. Continuous updating of the printer drivers should be carried on to use the printer.