HP printers are capable of performing variety of things and one of them is scanning copies and faxes. There are HP Officejet multifunctional products that allow users to make copies and scan documents. With these, you can scan both photographs and drawings, and then send the images directly to your computer desktop or any folder on your computer.

Most HP printers have the same buttons for scanning, so it doesn’t really matter which printer you have – unless you’ve got one-of-a-kind printer. For both USB and parallel-cable setups, you’ll need to set up your computer to take over. It is recommended to use HP’s software CD to install the drivers.​ You can follow the steps given below to set up HP printer assistant scan to computer.

Download printer’s software

Go to the HP website and search for the software. Then, download it onto your computer. Once that’s done, go to your computer and double click on the icon of the software. Follow the installation wizard and it should be ready to go. The steps are easy. Anyone can do it. If you need help, you can watch the video on the software’s page.

Load the file

Put the document – print side down – on the scanner glass. Make sure to put it in an organized fashion, because the machine will read the document in the order it is given. Put the paper in the scanner with the side that has the arrows facing down (this is white paper).

Go to settings

Selecting the wrench in the program’s main menu will take you to the “Settings” section. From there, you can make changes to the program’s appearance, layout, and preference to fit your needs.

Select the type

When dealing with HP printer assistant scan to computer, it’s important to know the type of files you’re scanning. For example, when you’re scanning a picture, you need to know that you’re not scanning a document. To choose the type of file you’re scanning, check the options on the screen before you scan.

Finish the process

Hit “Scan Picture” on the screen and place the picture flat on the scanner. Make sure it is framed within the grid on the screen. Hit “Scan” on the screen and wait for the process to finish. If you are scanning a document, then, in that case, the “scan document” option will be appearing.

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