What is the most complicated thing about printer setup wizard? It checks the place to keep the printer as it needs to be connected to cables. With wireless printers coming into existence, you have to plug in the power cord, switch the power on for the printer and install the print cartridges.

Proper software must be downloaded for your PC’s printer and operating system from the site 123.HP.com. It is not necessary to place the printer near the network connection as there is no policy that closer is better in network connections. The printer and the connecting device have to be on the same Wi-fi connections. HP offers printers at affordable costs that are long-lasting and provide a quality support system.

How to have an HP wireless setup wizard?

HP has made it easy to download the HP software wizard for the printer. Once the product name has been registered, you will get the corresponding software and drivers for the printer setup.

The HP printer supports all desktop and mobile operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android.

Prepare a HP printer setup with a wi-fi network

Wireless printers are preferred as they help print a document from anywhere and from any device like a smartphone or a tablet. Even the complications of the cables are avoided.   

  • Set up the printer for a wi-fi connection by checking its setup. Once settings are complete, the printer registers the Wi-fi setup mode making the HP software installation recognizable.
  • With a touchscreen printer, select the option of Wireless or Setup menu. To get network settings, click on the network setup and choose the Restore Network Settings.
  • On inkjet printers that do not have a touchscreen, keep the wireless and cancel buttons pressed till the wireless light comes on.
  • On the laser printers without a touchscreen or a control panel, you must keep the wireless button pressed until the power light’s flash is on. This process restarts the printer.
  • On the deskjet and tango printers, you must keep the wireless button pressed for five seconds until the status light gets on.
  • The HP Support website will help get more information about the Wi-fi settings for printer setup.

HP smart to be installed

The HP smart app can be installed on your device to set up the printer on a wi-fi network.

  • The computer or any other device and printer must be near the wi-fi router.
  • Connect to the network by activating the wi-fi connection. When an ethernet cable connects the computer to the network, you have to disconnect the cable to use the wi-fi while setting up the printer.
  • The Hp Smart App will detect the printer while setting up once the bluetooth on the device is enabled.
  • Once the HP Smart App has been installed for Android and iOS devices, the mobile device location service has to be enabled. It allows the app to use the location to detect the printer and give solutions during the setup.
  • You can download the HP Smart app from 123.HP.com on all platforms like Apple, iOS, and Android).
  • On the HP Smart App, select the Add printer option to search for the printer and complete the setup as per instructions.

Wireless setup wizard for printers with a touchscreen control panel

In case of a new router, change the internet service provider to connect wi-fi to the installed printer.

  • Connect the printer to the wi-fi network through the wireless setup wizard on the printer’s control panel.
  • The printer is to be positioned near the router.
  • Load the paper on the tray and turn on the printer’s power.
  • Restore the network settings by selecting the network setup on the wireless setup menu.
  • Find the network name and password.
  • Choose the wireless setup wizard from the wireless settings menu.
  • Enter the password once the network has been selected.

Get a wireless network test report

To get more information about the network condition of your printer, get a print of the wireless network test report.

  • Wireless network rest report to be printed.
  • On the control panel menu of the inkjet printer, locate the available reports present on the wireless network settings menu.
  • Follow the instructions given in the report to resolve any connectivity issues.

Wireless setup wizard for printers without a touchscreen control panel

On a printer that does not have a touchscreen control panel, you have to use the wi-fi protected setup (WPS) button present on the router.

  • Keep the printer near the router
  • The printer’s WPS connection mode has to be turned on
  • Press the WPS button on the router till the start of the connection process.
  • Once the wireless light is on, the printer is connected to the network.


Wireless printers are preferred as they are reliable and built-in wi-fi helps easy printing over the net. Most wireless printers from 2014 onwards have the wi-fi direct connection option. When the wireless network is unavailable, you can use the wi-fi directly for the HP printers. You can always access the printer setup wizard available on the HP support.