How Do I Connect My HP Laserjet P1102w to Wifi?

Slinging our hook from the conventional ways of using wired machines, people are lately indulged in all the wireless networks available on the surface. Hence, the usage of printers also evolved and wireless printers happen to own the market pretty much now. But buying a wireless printer and installing it is not all that it takes. You need to know the procedures of connecting it to your device also, only after that it can perform its printing job.

With that being said, if you’re facing issues while connecting your Hp Laserjet P1102w to Wifi, the following information would help. Not only that, but the steps mentioned below van be applied to other printer models as well.

So without further talking, let’s straightaway take a look at steps.

12 Steps to connect hp laserjet p1102w to WiFi

  1. To successfully set up and install your HP laserjet p1102w/ Deskjet printer to your computer or laptop, you must first have windows on your device.
  • Then you need to connect your Windows device to the same WiFi or data network, you want to connect your printer to.
  • On your computer or laptop go to and follow the cue to download the full feature software for your HP Deskjet printer.
  • Once downloaded, open the software from your browser or download the folder. If shown, then select “Yes” to continue. If the software doesn’t open automatically open file explorer.
  • Then you have to move to the C drive and select the folder named with your printer name and full solution. After that, you have to open Hpsetup.exe then select “Yes” to continue.
  •  Now select “easy install“, and then select “Next“.
  • Click on the name of your printer from the list and then select “Next”.
  • Then you need to select “Configure to print over the wireless network”.
  • Next after installing it successfully, connect a USB cable from the printer to the computer. Once the connection is detected the installation will continue.
  1. On the Wireless Configuration Utility, select “Next”. When cued for a Wireless discovery method, select “Automatic” to scan the computer for the wireless network credentials.
  1. Once your network credentials are found and the network name displays. Select “Next
  1. Your printer connects to the wireless network, after that disconnect the USB cable from the printer and your device. And then select “Finish” on your device.

This is almost everything that you needed to know about how to connect hp Laserjet p1102w to WiFi. You can now print a sample page to check if it works perfectly or not. Once you are done, you can continue with your work without coming across any stumbling blocks.  If you’re still facing confusions or difficulties in connecting your printer to WiFi, or any other printer-related issues of yours, feel at ease while contacting, and let us have this chance to help you out. We are team of professionals helping customers get rid of their printer’s related issues in no time. Let’s connect.

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